Ashley Hizer

Ashley Hizer, Abstract Painter

Art often reveals uncharted territory of the heart, ultimately healing and soothing the soul. I'm excited to watch beautiful masterpieces come to life through Paint Love. What a blessing to work with Atlanta's youth, Julie and other artists. 


Acrylic, Oil


Crayons, markers and acrylics served as Ashley’s early playmates. Growing up in sunny San Diego, the family fridge was filled with paintings of the ocean and sunshine. She even received one of her first time-outs for scrawling a mural on her parents’ walls, so they enrolled her in art classes. Ashley continued to explore her hand at painting, and years later, ventured into the artistry of language, earning a Bachelors in Journalism and English from San Diego State University, and subsequently, Master of Education. She spent several years as a certified educator teaching language arts, yet yearning for her forsaken outlet. After a pivotal move to the South that still inspires her, she now paints year-round instead of her summers off.

Ashley’s work is always prompted by an emotion, which itself is ignited in mundane and monumental moments. She credits conversations, travels abroad, and her eclectic playlist among the creative fuel. In unison, her hand and heart intuitively and rhythmically explore the canvas until she has achieved a complete response. She rarely anticipates a scratch, curved or linear stroke, yet her work often demonstrates undulating movement, much like the ebb and flow of life. To Ashley, painting abstract is the art of surrender.

Her work can be found everywhere from her online shop, to the Jeffrey Meier Gallery in Lambertville, NJ, to Balance Design in Atlanta, to homes in multiple continents. She currently lives in North Atlanta with her husband, Scott, son, Oliver, and English Goldendoodle, Dixie.



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