Anna Songsong

headshot for Paint Love artist and The Creatives Project resident, Kristan Woolford

Anna Songsong, Painter




Anna recently quit her job to pursue her dreams, and feels incredibly blessed to create art full time. Art has been a constant in her life since she was a child, and it has been her outlet, her passion, and now her career and way of giving to others. Art has found her in many mediums and in many seasons of her life. Nature is an everlasting muse, and love is her life’s work. Her passion is to love others, to share stories of love, and to inspire more love.

She believes that anyone can make art— and everyone should in some form— but it does require work and incredible vulnerability. Art has the ability to showcase the beauty in things that are hard, ugly, or uncommon. Anna wants to find the beauty and love in hard times, and highlight the silver linings.

Anna works with ink and paint on panel, resin, and watercolor, and sometimes a scroll saw. She is drawn to a combination of Realism, Impressionism, and Abstraction.