Amy Myers

Amy Myers, Painter / Teacher  

I love my students. I love creating art. Paint Love helps me connect my two passions and create deep and lasting experiences for the community in which I spend my days. 


Chalk, Acrylics, and anything I can draw with.


I am an artist. Like most artists, I create from an authentic place. I do not have a formal background in art so I use what makes me feel good as a guide when creating. I love bringing my version of beauty into my corner of the world. Whether it be painting a picture with words on a page or with acrylics on a canvas, I believe in the power of creative expression.
I am a teacher. I have been integrating the arts in my classroom for 10 years. I believe that art of any kind should be an expression of a person’s interpretation of life. I teach young children how think deeply about the world around them and then how to express those thoughts through different art modalities. I find that this integration of arts and curriculum is the most effective way to teach state standards. I have the privilege of teaching a community of creative change-makers. My students are learning to lose their fear of being wrong and learning to view the world through the eyes of an artist.


Amy's Projects