Ali Nelson

Ali Nelson, Multi-disciplinary Artist

While attending art school at School of the Art Institute in Chicago, I volunteered and ran an art program at a local under-resourced elementary and junior high school. It was an incredible experience and an incredible challenge. I found art to be an opportunity to use my voice, process my past and tell stories about my life in a unique and abstract way. Teaching these awesome kids how to express themselves and tell their own stories through paint and disposable cameras over time was one of the most meaningful ways I've used my artistic ability.


Mixed media, watercolor, paint, hand lettering, sculpture, and disposable cameras.


I studied Criminal Justice for my undergrad, but found my way into expressing myself through art after a difficult season. I decided to go back to school and study at School of the Art Institute. I'm super inspired by process and mark making. Words. Vibrancy. Purpose. I want to encourage and inspire people with my work.