Team: Tiny Doors ATL

Tiny Doors ATL is an Atlanta-based art project bringing big wonder to tiny spaces. Our constantly evolving installation pieces are an interactive part of their community. With the installation of a door, what was once a wall or the column of a bridge becomes an entrance to collective creativity and an invitation to whimsy. Tiny Doors ATL is dedicated to free and accessible art. Our doors are always free to visit and accessible to people of all ages. It’s our goal and our pleasure to inspire curiosity and exploration by highlighting neighborhoods and landmarks that make Atlanta unique.

Karen Anderson, the artist behind Tiny Doors ATL, has a degree in visual art from Rutgers University and a lifelong love of small-scale art. When she moved to Atlanta, she wanted to combine the unique spirit of ATL with a project she’d seen thrive in her hometown of Ann Arbor. When she’s not working on doors, Karen does public speaking, corporate and private sculpture installations, and was also the volunteer Applied Arts Director for Girls Rock Camp ATL. 

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