Powder Springs Elementary School

About the Org: Powder Springs Elementary School is a Title I school located in West Cobb. Our school began the process of becoming an ARTS Integrated school 3 years ago. Our school incorporates the arts with content standards into our lessons. We hope by doing so, we will increase student achievement and engagement.

About the Students: Our school serves Special-Needs Preschool Students, and Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students. We have approximately 800 students currently enrolled. Many of our students come from families living in poverty or low-socioeconomic conditions. We also serve students with special needs as well as ESOL families.

What they would like: We would like to plan a project to teach students how to: create a collage using mixed media, different techniques, and using different materials that goes along with what we are learning in class. Potentially 125 students involved

Potential Themes: Building a sense of community

Dates/Times: August through January