Our House


Our House breaks the chains of homelessness by providing quality early childhood education and comprehensive support services for families who are experiencing homelessness. Through housing support, family services, employment training, and early childhood education for infants through pre-school, Our House offers children and families experiencing homelessness the tools, support, and education they need to thrive. By tackling homelessness at its source, they help the generation experiencing homelessness today, and break the cycle for those most likely to experience it tomorrow.


Four projects, organized quarterly, with the 5-6 year old class. They prefer something other than drawing and painting, love projects they can give to their parents, or are interested in an art piece that can be displayed in the center. Also may the opportunity to work with some older kids and/or family groups. 

Available times: They are open and have some Saturday availability as well, but originally suggested Monday- Friday; either 10 AM- 12 PM or 3 PM - 5 PM 

Location: Atlanta O4W

Interested in working with Our House? Let us know!