Southside Showdown

March 28, 9:45 AM-12:45 PM @ the High Museum

Students from area high schools will be participating in team and individual art challenges- held at the High Museum. Paint Love artists will judge the super fun categories including a sidewalk chalk challenge creating a piece around the themes of unity and equality in art and a traditional meets contemporary challenge where students will create a traditional vessel with a modern twist! 

We need PL artist to judge the following categories- can have more than 1 judge per category.

  • Partner Drawing Swap-  Teams of 2 will work on a collaborative figure drawing with a twist! Partners will change from being the model to the artist every 10 minutes.
  • Traditional Meets Contemporary- Students will recreate a traditional vessel with a modern twist (embellish with modern design as surface treatments).
  • Cyanotype Mixed Media- Students will create cyanotype prints during the first 20 minutes and finish the pieces with collage/paint/drawing.
  • Sidewalk Chalk- Teams will create sidewalk chalk designs with the central themes of unity and equality in art.
  • Recycled Lamps- Teams will create lamps using recycled materials and lamp kits
  • Graffiti Tag- Teams will create a graffiti image that represents their group/school 
  • 100 Item Sculptures-  Teams will create sculptures using at least 100 items. 

Want to join the fun? Let us know!