Woodward Elementary School

About the Org: Woodward is an elementary school in Dekalb County. We are a Title 1 school; enrollment is 1,000 students. Approximately 95% are on the free lunch program. Our students are predominantly Hispanic.

About the Students: 1,000 students, pre-K through 5th grade. Title 1 school and many ELL students.

What they would like: Collage workshop for up to 200 students; There is a new exhibit at the High Museum showcasing the artist and author Ashley Bryan. It is another exhibition featuring children's book authors. Previous shows have highlighted Eric Carle and Mo Williams. The show will feature his mixed media collages and puppets. It would be great for the students to see the exhibit and then have collage artists and/or puppeteers lead a workshop.

Potential Themes: Building a sense of community

Dates/Times: Fall semester. The Bryan show runs through Jan. 21.