S. L. Lewis Elementary School

About the School

SL Lewis' mission statement is: We are committed to excellence as we work together for the success of all the students within a safe environment. We are committed to preparing students to become contributing members of a technologically changing and diverse society by teaching from a range of perspectives.

About the Students: The art teacher serves approximately 600 students per week, seeing several classes per day.  Including some students with special needs, including various needs ranging from physical to behavioral, and a small population of hard of hearing. Teachers serving this population face challenges daily, including parental involvement. We also face challenges inside of the classroom because our students range from performing below level all the way up to performing at the gifted level.

About the Project

They would love to do something with a theme similar to “Love yourself and others, treat yourself and others with respect." Perhaps a mixed-media self-portrait could teach the same values, inspiring respect. Approximately 100 students would be involved in the project.