Clarkdale Elementary School

About the Org: Clarkdale Elementary School is a Title I school in Austell, Georgia. We are focused on teaching and learning ...everyday! 

About the Students: Clarkdale has approximately 760 students in pre-k through 5th grades with ages from 3 years old to about 11years old. Our pre-k program serves students with special needs only. In addition to our two special needs pre-k (SNPK) units, we also have two OI (orthopedically impaired) units, three AU (autistic) units and a FOCUS class which serves students in kindergarten to second grades. We are a diverse school with the majority of our students being African-American, twenty-six percent are Hispanic and ten percent white. Many of our students (86%) are economically disadvantaged and receive free or reduced lunch. As a result, they face challenges and obstacles that may impact their educational career.

What they would like: Retaining wall student mural (All student artwork to create one large mural)

Potential Themes: Team work, art unites the world

Dates/Times: We are open to dates and times. Fall semester works fine.