Lead Artist Opportunity 

Crockett Elementary School 

About the Project 

Crockett Elementary would like to paint a small mural of the solar system and the phases of the moon with their fourth grade advanced art students. 

Time + Date 

This project can take place over multiple days, students are available every day between 1:30-2:15. There will be approximately 12-15 students participating. 

About the School 

From the school: Brockett's student population is approximately 446 students. A third of our students are English Language Learners and 80% of our students receive free/reduce lunch. Our community is extremely diverse therefore our student body is diverse, too. We cherish the cultural richness that our students bring.

Brockett serves students in grade Pre-K through 5th grades from around DeKalb County, not just Tucker. We acknowledge that were are a hidden gem and work hard to ensure our students receive a quality educations.