Rock Chapel Elementary


Rock Chapel Elementary

About the Org: Title 1 elementary school in the Lithonia area.

About the Students: About 600 students total population, grades Pre-K through 5, life circumstances vary - high foster population and yes, we service special needs students as well.

What they would like: We are open and flexible. project for approximately 45 students.

Potential Themes: Teamwork

Dates/Times: Fall or Spring

Woodward Elementary School


Woodward Elementary School

About the Org: Woodward is an elementary school in Dekalb County. We are a Title 1 school; enrollment is 1,000 students. Approximately 95% are on the free lunch program. Our students are predominantly Hispanic.

About the Students: 1,000 students, pre-K through 5th grade. Title 1 school and many ELL students.

What they would like: Collage workshop for up to 200 students; There is a new exhibit at the High Museum showcasing the artist and author Ashley Bryan. It is another exhibition featuring children's book authors. Previous shows have highlighted Eric Carle and Mo Williams. The show will feature his mixed media collages and puppets. It would be great for the students to see the exhibit and then have collage artists and/or puppeteers lead a workshop.

Potential Themes: Building a sense of community

Dates/Times: Fall semester. The Bryan show runs through Jan. 21.

John Lewis Elementary School


John Lewis Elementary School

About the Org: We are a brand new Title 1 school in DeKalb County. Since we just opened up this year, we have not built up a good supply of art supplies.

About the Students: 375 students, grades PK-5, almost all students receive free/reduced lunch, 98% Hispanic population who are ESOL.

What they would like: A large mural of the school mascot painted on a surface that can be removed from the wall. Also...I would like to partner with Paint Love because my school is in need of art materials. My students love art class because they can express themselves in a way that does not involve speaking or writing in English as a second language. Art is the universal language at John Lewies Elementary. Approx 75-100 students involved.

Potential Themes: Our jaguar mascot, school community, a legacy that will remain on display at school.

Dates/Times: Fall semester.

S. L. Lewis Elementary School


S. L. Lewis Elementary School

About the Org: Our mission statement is: We are committed to excellence as we work together for the success of all the students within a safe environment. We are committed to preparing students to become contributing members of a technologically changing and diverse society by teaching from a range of perspectives.

About the Students: As an art teacher, I serve approximately 600 students per week, seeing several classes per day. My students are in grades kindergarten through fifth grades. I serve some students with special needs, including various needs ranging from physical to behavioral, and a small population of hard of hearing. Teachers serving this population face challenges daily, including parental involvement. We also face challenges inside of the classroom because our students range from performing below level all the way up to performing at the gifted level.

What they would like: I originally wanted the project to be a mural for the school with the theme similar to “Love yourself and others, treat yourself and others with respect,” but then I read how your program discourages murals. Instead of a mural a mixed-media self-portrait could teach the same values, inspiring respect. Approximately 100 students involved in the project. 

Potential Themes: Respect

Dates/Times: Any time is fine with me after September.


Little Mill Middle School

About the Org: Tell us about your organization: Little Mill Middle school is located in north east Forsyth County. We are a Title 1 Reward school. At LMMS we strive to give our students the skills and experiences that will prepare then to be productive citizens in a global community. The Learner Profile for Forsyth County Schools, which encompasses our expectations for students throughout their academic career, can be found here:

About the Students: Little Mill serves approximately 890 students, ages 10-14, grades 6-8. We have approximately 35% or 310+ students who receive free or reduced lunch. A big challenge for LMMS is helping students understand their options after high school. A large portion of our population come from homes whose parents/guardians highest level of education is a high school diploma or less. Little Mill strives to help show those students who are at risk academically, or dropping out, that there are alternatives. We have programs like the “Kick It Up Club”, pathways selections, Breakfast Club, 7 Mindsets, and our latest initiative “Farm to Table” to help our students learn about their passions while understanding that we truly care for them now and in the future.

What they would like: Interactive Sculpture (STEAM) I would like to leave the media open to the visiting artist/students. Project would involve 65+- students. 

Potential Themes: Investing in the community, this could be linked to our Farm to Table initiative.

Dates/Times: Preferably sometime from September 11th- 22nd or November 6th - 10th.


Cirrus Academy Charter School

About the Org: Targeted Title ONE S.T.E.A.M. Charter School

About the Students: We currently have grade levels K-8 and our student population is approximately 475 students

What they would like: Currently, our students are exposed to a range of wet and dry media including and not exclusive to pencils, charcoal, colored pencils, markers, crayons, play doh, clay, paint, mixed media

Potential Themes: 'Strength within'

Dates/Times: N/A During the school day in Fall/Spring


Bessie L. Baggett Elementary

About the Org: We are a Title 1 school located in Paulding County. We sever students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Our families are hard working families. Everything they have they pour into their kids and our students. Our mission is to build educated achieving responsible students. We are the Baggett BEARS! Our vision is to do whatever it takes to achieve success for our students. Our core beliefs are that well-educated students have the academic skills necessary for present and future success. We also believe that in setting high expectations and using current technology to create highly achieving students. We believe that teaching students to be responsible, along with teaching other social skills, is essential to our students' success in life. We believe that all students are to be accepted, valued, and understood for the ways that they are the same and for the ways that they are different.

About the Students: Our total school population is about 700 students in K-5th. We have two self contained special needs classrooms. Through the gifted program we serve students in every grade level. We try and seek opportunities outside of our local community to give our students exposure to the world. There are currently 28% of our students that are economically disadvantaged and 13% of our students are students with disabilities. The parents of our students try and provide the basic care for their children, the are hard working families and there is no extra to go around.

What they would like: We would love to see painting or even large scale sculpting.

Potential Themes: One Mind...New Mindset (We are able to reach any goals through our own mindset.)

Dates/Times: Any time within September and October. We would love for everything to happen during the school day of 8:00 AM-2:30 PM.


Langston Hughes High School

About the Org: A title 1 HS in South Fulton, we have a strong arts program with three art teachers. we serve grades 9-10, 90% African American and 10% Hispanic. Mostly free and reduced lunch. Between us we service 540 students including Special needs students in the entire spectrum.

What they would like: I would love to work with a mural artist in the community, but I'm open to anything.

Potential Themes: the idea of community and the ability to learn from anyone they meet.

Dates/Times: Our schedule is pretty open. the school day is 8:20-3:30pm


Bramlett Elementary School

About the Org: Bramlett Elementary is a Title I school that is very interested in supporting the "whole child." During our extended learning time, our entire school transitions to EAGLE TIME classes that are based in Gardner's MI. Our students complete an interest inventory and then are scheduled accordingly. Course change each nine weeks based on student interests, progress, and performance. We have an amazing staff and wonderful students. We have a very stable faculty and staff. Nine of our teachers have been here since the doors first opened, 25 years ago. Bramlett is an amazing place to work and learn. People here love teaching and learning and go the extra mile for every student!

About the Students: We have approximately 750 students ranging from PreK to 5th grade. Our school supports unique special education populations for our cluster within the BCSS. Currently we support third - fifth grade students with significant emotional and behavior disorders through a self-contained classroom. This program has been located on our campus for 25 years. We also support the third - fifth grade students with significant cognitive delays. Due to a new school opening, special education programs are going to find new homes next year. Bramlett will be embracing the kindergarten through fifth grade students with mild cognitive delays.

What they would like: clay/pottery. We would love to support as many students as possible. With your guidance, we could implement in specific grade levels, classrooms, or resource special education classes.

Potential Themes: intrinsic beauty - appreciation for unique creations

Dates/Times: Willing to work around your schedule


Clarkdale Elementary School

About the Org: Clarkdale Elementary School is a Title I school in Austell, Georgia. We are focused on teaching and learning ...everyday! 

About the Students: Clarkdale has approximately 760 students in pre-k through 5th grades with ages from 3 years old to about 11years old. Our pre-k program serves students with special needs only. In addition to our two special needs pre-k (SNPK) units, we also have two OI (orthopedically impaired) units, three AU (autistic) units and a FOCUS class which serves students in kindergarten to second grades. We are a diverse school with the majority of our students being African-American, twenty-six percent are Hispanic and ten percent white. Many of our students (86%) are economically disadvantaged and receive free or reduced lunch. As a result, they face challenges and obstacles that may impact their educational career.

What they would like: Retaining wall student mural (All student artwork to create one large mural)

Potential Themes: Team work, art unites the world

Dates/Times: We are open to dates and times. Fall semester works fine.



About the Org: Tucker High School is a diverse community. I graduated here as a student, and thought so highly of it that I came back to teach! Everyone here is supportive and amazing, and we have a thriving art program (though I do wish we had theater).

About the Students: I teach roughly 150 children, ages 14-18. I do serve a few homeless children, but I feel as though overall our population is pretty normal. We also have a very large amount of ESOL children (refugees, from many different countries). I teach Visual Arts, Drawing, and Jewelry Design (metal working!).

What they would like: I would love to take my Jewelry class to see the glassblowing demos, or Georgia State has an annual iron pour! For my Drawing and Visual Arts class, anything really! Something sculptural? Cultural? Graphic Design based?

Potential Themes: Use your creativity! Look at how much cool stuff there is out there! Look what these awesome artists are doing!

Dates/Times: If possible, I would love to take my current Jewelry class to the glass blowing studio! My schedule this year, for that class, the opportune time would be on a Wednesday, starting at 1pm. For any of the classes this year or next, Wednesdays and Thursdays would work the best, as those are our block days, and classes are an hour and a half long each that day.


Powder Springs Elementary School

About the Org: Powder Springs Elementary School is a Title I school located in West Cobb. Our school began the process of becoming an ARTS Integrated school 3 years ago. Our school incorporates the arts with content standards into our lessons. We hope by doing so, we will increase student achievement and engagement.

About the Students: Our school serves Special-Needs Preschool Students, and Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students. We have approximately 800 students currently enrolled. Many of our students come from families living in poverty or low-socioeconomic conditions. We also serve students with special needs as well as ESOL families.

What they would like: We would like to plan a project to teach students how to: create a collage using mixed media, different techniques, and using different materials that goes along with what we are learning in class. Potentially 125 students involved

Potential Themes: Building a sense of community

Dates/Times: August through January


in the Clarkston Community 

Paint Love is exploring starting some ongoing events that will serve our neighbors in the Clarkston Community. Let us know by clicking the link below if you'd be interested in helping make that happen or leading an event! 


Southside Showdown

March 28, 9:45 AM-12:45 PM @ the High Museum

Students from area high schools will be participating in team and individual art challenges- held at the High Museum. Paint Love artists will judge the super fun categories including a sidewalk chalk challenge creating a piece around the themes of unity and equality in art and a traditional meets contemporary challenge where students will create a traditional vessel with a modern twist! 

We need PL artist to judge the following categories- can have more than 1 judge per category.

  • Partner Drawing Swap-  Teams of 2 will work on a collaborative figure drawing with a twist! Partners will change from being the model to the artist every 10 minutes.
  • Traditional Meets Contemporary- Students will recreate a traditional vessel with a modern twist (embellish with modern design as surface treatments).
  • Cyanotype Mixed Media- Students will create cyanotype prints during the first 20 minutes and finish the pieces with collage/paint/drawing.
  • Sidewalk Chalk- Teams will create sidewalk chalk designs with the central themes of unity and equality in art.
  • Recycled Lamps- Teams will create lamps using recycled materials and lamp kits
  • Graffiti Tag- Teams will create a graffiti image that represents their group/school 
  • 100 Item Sculptures-  Teams will create sculptures using at least 100 items. 

Want to join the fun? Let us know! 


Blueprint 58 


Blueprint 58's mission is: Restoring Community Through Relationships. Serving middle school students around the Adair Park neighborhood in Atlanta, Blueprint 58 strives to strengthen community through long-term mentoring relationships, personal development, and sports. 


This is a one-time trial run project with the possibility of becoming a new partner organization. Flexible scheduling during after school hours on weeknights. 

Interested? Let us know below!




Our House


Our House breaks the chains of homelessness by providing quality early childhood education and comprehensive support services for families who are experiencing homelessness. Through housing support, family services, employment training, and early childhood education for infants through pre-school, Our House offers children and families experiencing homelessness the tools, support, and education they need to thrive. By tackling homelessness at its source, they help the generation experiencing homelessness today, and break the cycle for those most likely to experience it tomorrow.


Four projects, organized quarterly, with the 5-6 year old class. They prefer something other than drawing and painting, love projects they can give to their parents, or are interested in an art piece that can be displayed in the center. 

Available times: Monday- Friday; either 10 AM- 12 PM or 3 PM - 5 PM 

Location: Atlanta O4W

Interested in working with Our House? Let us know! 


Women's Resource Center- Camp Peace 


The WRC's mission is to create a society in which domestic violence no longer exists. They strive to meet the immediate and long-term needs of the diverse community of battered women and their children with programs that promote safety, compassion, connection, advocacy, and prevention. 


  • You'll be working with kids who are part of WRC's Camp Peace- a summer camp for kids impacted by domestic violence or who are living in the shelter.
  • Art workshops held weekly at GSU on consecutive Fridays in June and July


Georgia Center for Child Advocacy


The Georgia Center for Child Advocacy serves children and their families when there are allegations of child abuse, neglect, or when children are witnesses to violence. They help various agencies such as law enforcement, DFCS, and the DA's office coordinate services for children and families by providing forensic interviews for children, hosting multi-disciplinary team meetings to share information, and providing therapy for children and adolescents ages 3-17 when the abuse or neglect has been substantiated. 


ALREADY FILLED Event #1 - Monday, February 20 or Friday Feb 17, ~3-5PM
DeKalb location- 1950 West Exchange Rd. Tucker, GA 30084  // Kids ages 5-11 

ALREADY FILLED: Event # 2- Week of April 3-6, ~4-6PM

Fulton location - 1485 Woodland Ave., SE, Atlanta, GA 30316// Kids ages 5-11 

Event #3- TBD October during fall break, ~4-6PM
Fulton location// kids ages 12-17 

Event #4- Monday, November 20, ~4-6PM
DeKalb location // Kids ages 12-17

  • Can have one artist take all four events or split by location (i.e.: one artist does the 2 events at Fulton and another does the 2 events at DeKalb) 
  • volunteers must take a short online training session to be a “mandatory reporter”