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Paint Love currently has a waiting list for programming. As we plan for next year, there are three exciting initiatives that will help us reach more students and add additional events in 2016. 


01 Studio

Our studio allows us to accept and store a large amount of donated art supplies and more importantly, host students from across Atlanta. We were able to use our studio this year, rent free, but in 2016, we will need to cover the cost of the space. Thankfully we have a rent rate more than half of the cost of other studio spaces in Atlanta. For $350 a month, we can keep our studio!



We have received a significant amount of interest from college students who want to be involved with Paint Love. To meet their growing inquiries, we would love to partner with them and create a college program. The program would provide opportunities for students to volunteer, fundraise, and participate in professional mentorships, networking and educational opportunities.


03 Sustainability

One of the best ways to expand the number of events we host and schedule next year, is by far the least glamorous. With part time staffing we have reached over 850 students through 30 events this year. We can only imagine what full time employees could do. This will take more than $10,000, but we are happy to take a step in this direction!

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We need to raise $10,000 dollars by the end of the year to meet our goals. We have a donor match up to $5,500 for donations raised before December 31st, 2015. 

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