Not your typical art auction

In what is quickly developing as Paint Love’s signature style, Paint Love Live brings together unique live art experiences with some of Atlanta’s favorite artists and, of course, amazing local art.


This year, top Atlanta artists, Mike Lowery and Sanithna Phansavanh will be live painting directly on the walls of the brand new Monday Night Brewing facility!

The event will also feature MC Mistafunn, musical guest Macy Todd and DJ Maximum Mishmash. Guests will get to take part in a new text-based bidding system and enjoy tacos and rice krispies from Victory Sandwich Bar!

The event will take place Thursday, October 19th at 7pm. Tickets are $15 pre-sale and $20 at the door and include two free beers at Monday Night's new West End barrel-aging and souring facility on the BeltLine. Scroll down for more details. 


Quick Links: Follow the event on FacebookFAQs, List of Participating Artists, Information about Paint Love, directions to The Garage, and our Sponsors.

Last year's event featured metal artists Miranda Kyle, Audrey Dakin, and Alex Pate pouring an aluminum sculpture in a portable metal foundry on site. (Click here to check out photos)

Paint Love brings transformational art workshops to Atlanta area youth who face or are at risk of facing poverty or trauma.

Established in 2013 and incorporated in 2014 by Atlanta Artist Julie Ann McKevitt and her husband Aaron, Paint Love seeks to bring high quality art projects to deserving youth throughout metro-Atlanta.

Paint Love projects and events provide a safe environment for self-expression, acceptance, and even emotional healing.

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  1. What is the difference between Monday Night Brewing and Monday Night Garage?
    Our event will take place at Monday Night Garage. The Garage is Monday Night Brewing's brand NEW location. It is a barrel-aging and souring facility in Atlanta’s West End. Please DO NOT GO to Monday Night Brewing in West Midtown...we won't be there!  Scroll down for directions to Monday Night Garage. 
  2. What is the text bidding system and how do I participate during the event? 
    Most of the artwork at Paint Love Live will be available for you to bid on via a brand new text based bidding system. You don't need to download an app.  All you need is a phone (make sure it is charged).  Each painting will have a phone number next to it.  Text a bid to the phone number.  You always want to text your best offer as the paintings could be sold at any point during the event. 

    When you text a bid, you will get one of several responses:
        a) You are currently the high bidder, but your offer was too low to end the auction immediately
        b) Someone has already bid higher than you
        c) Your bid is accepted. You have won the piece! (You will have 10-15 min to accept and pay for your piece)

    During the night, you will get texts with updates about the paintings that you bid on. When a painting is sold, we will mark it so everybody knows.  There will be several keywords you can text to a painting's phone number to find out more information about the artwork and the bidding process.  Here is a list of those words:
        a) ‘keywords’: to get a list of these keywords and their function sent to you
        b) ‘about’: to get more information on the artist of that particular work
        c) ‘top bid’: to get the current high offer for the piece
  3. What if I don't have a phone? 
    If you don't have a phone, you can go up to our information table and make a bid on any piece that you would like.  We can manually submit your bid and give you an update on your status as a high or low bidder. You are welcome to drop by and check in on the status of your bid at any point during the evening.  
  4. Does it matter whose phone I text my bid from? 
    No. Feel free to text from your neighbor's phone, your cat's phone, your toddler's phone, etc...  The only thing that matters is once you make a winning bid, you must come and pay for your piece within your given timeframe so we don't release it back into the bidding process! We will just ask you to confirm the phone number you were texting from. 
  5. What time is the event? 
    The event will go from 7-10pm.  The art auction bidding portion is currently slated to close at 9:30pm.
  6. What should I wear?
    Great Question...Creative Dressy. We had a wide range at our event last year from jeans to dresses, so feel free to have fun with it. To check out photos from last year's event click here.    
  7. Will there be food?
    Yes! We will have a taco bar and rice krispies from Victory Sandwich Bar. 
  8. Can you attend if you are under 21?
    Yes, guests under 21 are allowed to attend, but are not allowed to drink alochol.
  9. What if I can't make it and want to make a donation?
    That is so generous of you! Donate here

Our event will take place at Monday Night Garage. The Garage is Monday Night Brewing's brand NEW location. It is a barrel-aging and souring facility in Atlanta’s West End. Please DO NOT GO to Monday Night Brewing in Midtown...we won't be there!  


Monday Night Garage
933 Lee St SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

On the corner of Lee St. and White St. in Atlanta, GA