Lead Artist Open Opportunities


    1. Opportunities listed here are for projects without set dates. For projects that have set dates, but still need a lead artist, use the search function on the Volunteer Calendar. 
    2. Schools offer project ideas, but if you have an idea outside of their suggestion, please let us know! 
    3. If you don't find an option that suits your availability/interest, email us at info@gopaintlove.org and let us know what you are looking for. 

    View opportunities by location

    Below you will find a map of all the schools and organizations that still need to be matched with a lead artist.  

    Two Steps to Sign up:

    • Click on a pin within the map to find out more information or scroll down below and click on each opportunity individually.  
    • Click on the "I'm Interested" button within the project description to sign up.

    If you do not see the above map while viewing on your phone, click here to view it in Google Maps or click here to view it in Google Drive.  

    View opportunities by category

    Opportunities with Title 1 Schools (Elementary in Red; Middle + High School in Green)