Make a Donation!

Paint Love - 2017 - Artist Challenge - Logo (1).jpg
Paint Love - 2017 - Artist Challenge - Logo (1).jpg

Make a Donation!


Can't make the event or simply want to help us reach our goal?  Make a donation!  Any dollar amount helps!


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Connecting artists and nonprofits would not be possible without the third component: donors. We invite you to make a tax deductible donation of one of the following amounts to help us cover a suggested need:

  • $12 - Individual student sponsorship for Paint Love programming
  • $19 - Individual volunteer sponsorship for background check and T-shirt
  • $50-$100 Supply Sponsorships to cover general supply needs
  • $250 –Small Event Sponsorship, typically serving 1-20 students
  • $600 – Medium Event Sponsorship, typically serving 21-50 students
  • $1,000 - Large Event Sponsorship, typically serving 51-300 students