Jellyfish Crafts with Our House

Walking into Our House Decatur last Tuesday, we were greeted with an enthusiastic cheer of “Look! New friends!” It was the perfect way to begin our first event of the summer. The project was lead by artist Mandy Goodwin, who organized a great morning for pre-K students focused on sea creature fun!


We started off by reading The Pout-Pout Fish and the Bully-Bully Shark by Deborah Diesen, a picture book about standing up to bullies. Reading the book was a great way to align the event with the Paint Love project theme of loving and respecting others. Afterwards, the kids participated in some ocean-themed yoga. There were dolphins, sharks, and fish all around the room!


Our art project for the day was making jellyfish out of glue and watercolors. With help from our fantastic Break Away volunteers, the kids had a great time making their colorful creations. We finished up with some ocean songs and a couple rounds of telephone.


Tie-Dye T-Shirts with New American Pathways


Hello Paint Love viewers!

On March 28th, we had the pleasure of hosting a TIE-DYE PARTY with New American Pathways! All the kids received a plain, white t-shirt and created  beautiful designs!


This event was led by one of our lead artist, Penny Treese,   and her daughter, Gabby. Penny Treese is an encaustic artist. She has volunteered and worked with New American Pathways for almost four years!

Since it was a lovely day and we all know how messy tie-dying is, we did it outside. Gabby showed the kids a simply design to create spirals on the t-shirt. The shirt was sectioned off into four parts and the kids had their pick of any color dyes. 


The designs came out amazing!

We then prompted the students to rinse their t-shirts with cold water so the dyes will set.

Even though the kids got dyes all over their hands, it was worth it! Because the messiest projects are the best projects!

Jewelry Making with Wellspring Living


This past Friday we had a jewelry-making session with the girls from Wellspring Living and metal artist, Cat Goolsby. Wellspring Living helps Domestic Sex Trafficking victims (DMST) develop the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed. 

Almost ten girls came to learn how to make rings and necklace pendants. We used copper wire and pliers to shape rings and pendents into the Egyptian spiral. No other tools were used. This was truly a hands-on jewelry making session. The Spiral represents the pattern of growth and evolution. It represents infinity and continuity which symbolize innocence and rebirth.  


The Egyptian spiral truly represents how these girls are. They are growth, evolution, and innocence. Through everything they have been through, they will grow and achieve infinite possibilities.