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Southside Showdown- High school art challenge

  • High Museum of Art Atlanta GA (map)


  • 4-8 artists judges for the categories outlined below

  • Blogger and photographer to document the event


Students from area high school will be participating in team and individual art challenges at the High Museum. Paint Love artists will judge the super fun categories listed below:

Session 1: Individual Competitions

  1. Face Jugs- Create a clay jug with an expressive face

  2. Q-Tip Architecture- Inspired by ancient Far East Architecture, assemble a small building using only q-tips and hot glue.

  3. Zoomed-In Drawings - Focus on one small area of a still life and illustrate what you see.

  4. Animorphs- Using your phone for source imagery, assemble a new face using different peoples’ facial features. Mix it up and include one feature of any animal!!

Session 2: Team Competitions

  1. Claykenstein- Teams will create a clay monster by individually creating body parts (meant to look like they do not go together), then assembling at the end to create their monster.

  2. Cardboard Furniture- Teams of 3 will construct cardboard furniture that will ideally be functional.

  3. Exquisite Corpse- Teams will be given a template to draw a section of a body with a background. Bodies will be assembled at the end into one figure.

  4. Rep Your School- Create a composition that is built of symbols that represent your school using drawing or painting materials.

Note: This is not a Paint Love organized event and there is an entry fee to get into the High.

Check out last year's Southside Showdown here.


Organized by Langston Hughes High School, a Title 1 Fulton County school in Lilburn, GA.

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