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See Beautiful Club- March 29

  • 4/5 Academy 101 5th Avenue Decatur, GA, 30030 United States (map)


  • Lead artist
  • Volunteers to assist
  • Photographer and blogger to document the event  


They would like a project for their club around the theme of “Seeing Beautiful! Helping the kids see inherent beauty in themselves and others.” The project must also fit within one or more of the Paint Love themes: A) Loving/respecting yourself, B) Loving/respecting others, C) Seeking and strengthening positive relationships, and D) Investing in your community.


See Beautiful is an organization that aims to empower young people to see beautiful in themselves, in others, and to create more beautiful in the world.

This See Beautiful club serves about 30 5th grade boys and girls at 4/5 Academy. The greatest challenges for these students is learning to love themselves and respect each other'ʹs differences. They meet twice a week for one hour during the school day to work on activities and have discussions related to these topics.

Sound like fun? 


 • There is not an age requirement for volunteers, but a background check must be on file with Paint Love for anyone over 18.