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High School Art Throwdown



Eight area high schools will be competing in an arts throwdown held at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Paint Love artists are going to be judging many of the competition categories! Feel free to come out and support our Paint Love judges and cheer on some hard working high schoolers! 

Note: This is not a Paint Love organized event and there is an entry fee to get into the Botanical Gardens   


The Art Throwdown brings students from high schools across Atlanta to engage in a different kind of art competition. Similar to a competitive reality show on television, each young artist is faced with a challenge: drawing when you cannot see your hands or the paper; drawing from live models; and working with a group of artists to construct a sculpture in 30 minutes or less... 

According to the organizers "The idea is to bring high school artists together and really provide a live experience with visual art where friends, family, and the larger community can get a closer look at the creative process. Participating high school artists also get hands-on experience geared towards the next level of artistic expression and learning, whether that means attending college or working in a professional environment."