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Foster Family Day "Together We Grow"-October 29


  • Roughly Four (4) lead artists to create a project around this year's theme: "Together We Grow" (See Below for details on the theme & visit the event page here)
  • Volunteers to assist artists and lead the 40+ GSU student volunteers we will have
  • Volunteers to take photos of the event
  • Volunteer(s) to blog about the event
  • Volunteers to help us find in-kind sponsors for this event
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  • One (1) lead artist to create a large collaborative project around this year's theme...a project that can "grow" throughout the event
  • One (1) lead artist to create a project could go on display at GSU's campus gallery.  This wouldn't have to be a large collaborative piece, but could be individual pieces.  This could also be one of the four lead artists...just have children make an "extra" to go on display
  • Potential Photographers to set up a formal photo booth for children and families.  Because of different circumstances and moving, many foster children don't have childhood pictures or portraits.  Depending on our resources, Paint Love may be able to source a photo backdrop if needed. 


Visit our event page here. We are excited to host our second annual Foster Family Day at GSU! This year is going to be even BIGGER!! For details on last year's event, click here. We are looking to create a 3 hour art event for hundreds of foster children and families in the metro-Atlanta community.

This year's theme is "Together We Grow."  We want awesome, fun, unique, and creative art projects around the theme of things that grow (growing as a community, as a person, growing together, growing our love, growing in projects that emphasize growth, etc...).  Ideas can be related to growing as a foster family, growing closer together, and/or growing up. Think BIG and think fun and unique! If someone is interested in coming up with a group project idea we could do something that "grows" throughout the event as everyone contributes to it.  The group project could go on display in the community. 


We are partnering with Fostering Together and Georgia State University to provide arts programming for children in the foster care system.  We are inviting children and families from around 13 different foster agencies in metro-Atlanta

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