Crowell Alex Pate IV

Crowell A Pate IV, Sculptor

I feel it is important for youth to learn to express their creative selves. We live in a world of less and less makers, and I feel the importance of working with your hands is being lost.


Wood, Metal


Crowell A Pate IV is Alabama born multi-disciplinary artist, with a primary focus in sculptural work. His training began at the University of Alabama Huntsville, where he earned a B.A. in studio art, continuing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, completing a B.F.A. in sculpture, and is presently pursuing his M.F.A in sculpture at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA. 

In his work we see the highlighting of issues personal to him. Whether it be current sociopolitical problems, human-environmental relationships, or issues often hidden in the subconscious , he seeks to bring to light issues that are often overlooked. By informing the viewer of impacts to the environment and impacts of the government on its citizens, he seeks to evoke an emotional response to these issues. 

Crowell’s work has exhibited in multiple parts of the world in exhibitions as far away as Cortona, Italy and Sabile, Latvia. In addition his work has gained visibility in group and solo exhibitions in Chicago, Illinois; Huntsville, AL; and Athens, GA. His works has been presented in professional galleries, such as Kamama in Mentone, AL, and have found a place in the corporate realm on display at Winzler Gear and Plante Moran in Chicago, IL. His most recent project is "Rooted 1 & 2", installed for SkyHouse Midtown in Atlanta.


Alex's Projects