Sheila Hibbert

Sheila Hibbert, Painter

I found Paint Love on Instagram. Art is so therapeutic and I believe it helps children in their overall learning abilities. What an awesome idea reaching out to children and youth to offer them the opportunity to experience different types of visual art.


Acrylics, Oils, Graphite, and Charcoal


I have always had a love for art, and a fascination with nature, particularly birds and flowers. I have a drafting and design associates degree and studied 3 years of art in high school. I took up oil painting about 15 years ago, I discovered that it was a great way to enjoy both art and nature. I tried out acrylics. I eventually discovered the “Complete Drawing Certificate Course” by Cindy Wider.

I was so impressed with this remarkable curriculum and method of learning to draw that I decided to take my skills to the next level. I studied with Cindy Wider personally and became a certified instructor for the Cindy Wider Method Complete Drawing Certificate Course.

My art is a part-time job. I would eventually like to be working in it full time. My art philosophy:

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." — Pablo Picasso


Shannon Goines



Travel inspires me, music moves me and color makes me happy.


India ink, pastels, acrylics, charcoal and pen


I grew up in Atlanta with an artistic mother, who was also encouraged by an artistic mother. Oil paints, turpentine, paint brushes, sketch books and art shows have been a part of my life since my childhood.

For over 20 years I have focused on painting in different media and trying new styles. While in school I developed strong interests in the connections between painting and photography, as well as both architectural and interior design. During a summer semester I studied art history and photography in Cortona, Italy; an experience I’ll never forget and still carry with me every day.

 Living in Lake Claire among so many talented people has been very inspiring and I hope to continue to be involved in the arts of Atlanta.

For many years I have spent a great deal of time painting animals of all shapes and sizes, and I’m ready to try something different…so stay tuned. 

My work can be found in many homes and galleries around Atlanta and the South.

Elise Aronson



Encaustic and Assemblage 


I have a bachelor's degree in art education from Georgia State Univ. My art is inspired by my spiritual practice and my love of collecting natural objects, vintage items, and ephemera. I believe that art is an innermost expression of our true selves. As my art practice evolves, I remain committed to the power of the underlying spiritual expression. My hope is my art will inspire others and serve as a catalyst for personal transformation. Currently, I incorporate encaustic painting techniques and assemblage. My hope is that I can use my talents as an art teacher to help people express themselves creatively and thereby act as a form of healing.

Elise's Projects:

Scott Silvey



Many materials through multiple outlets with a focus on installation


Scott Silvey was raised in the fields and woodlands of central Indiana. After receiving a degree in psychology from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, he went on to earn an M.F.A. in sculpture from Georgia State University in Atlanta. He has presented his work in both solo and group exhibitions across the United States and abroad. In addition to earning multiple honors and awards, magazines such as Sculpture, Art Papers, and Antennae have featured his work. Scott is currently a 2015 – 2017 Artist Resident at The Goat Farm Arts Center through The Creatives Project, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Samantha Muntz

Samantha Muntz, Jewelry Designer


Resin, metals, beads, wire, photographs, paper.


Art has always been a huge part of my life in some form or another. Growing up in Ohio, my grandmother and I would do different projects that we would sell at community craft shows and for the holidays. When I went off to college, I was encouraged to pursue a degree in something art related, but I fought against that idea and instead obtained a Bachelor's degree in Counseling Psychology with a minor in Intercultural Studies. After finishing undergrad in 2012, I moved to Atlanta to work with an international non-profit, all the while having people encouragingly push me to do something more public in the art field.

In 2014 I started a Master's program in Marriage and Family Therapy and started creating jewelry as a way to unwind while studying, giving it to family and friends. And in the Summer of 2015 I finally gave in and started selling my jewelry publicly as Peachy Buckeye Designs!

The root of each design is a story. Each piece created is thought up with a person I have met in mind. Almost everything I do in life involves people, and with that I have the opportunity to hear stories that represent so many different views and life experiences. Creating a small token is my way to share some of these stories with people around me. Several design themes that branch out relate to travel, culture, and coffee.

One of the hopes I have with my art is to be able to utilize it in a counseling setting to help others share their stories through something they can create!

The Sketch Effect

The Sketch Effect, Illustration, Comics, Drawing


Pen and Ink, Markers, Pencil, Charcoal, Chalk, Digital


We are a team of innovative creatives dedicated to elevating ideas through remarkable visual communication. Drawing on the principle that people learn in two ways—verbally and visually—we provide creative, effective communication and marketing solutions that leverage both channels of learning. Our services include Graphic Recording, Sketchnotes, and Animated Videos.

Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee, Mixed Media


Acrylic painting, collage, print-making, sewing, embroidery, crochet


I am a self-taught mixed media artist. I love to paint, but I also like to try any new techniques and collect all kinds of useless do-dads to incorporate into collage, jewelry or funky fabric piece. After a few years of selling my artwork, I realize I'd rather teach people how to enjoy the art-making process for themselves. Although I have published a few articles and filmed several crafty how-to videos, I most enjoy encouraging others side by side in a messy art studio. As I think about my future as an artist, I want to focus on helping people of all ages cope with life challenges through art.

Mac Stewart

Mac Stewart, Painter 


Mac Stewart's work employs bold lines and repeated motif to construct elaborate sketches of Minotaurs, dissected bodies, and heads being impaled by industrial beams, or cut through by ribbon-like objects. He pairs these more violent paintings with ones of flowers and indistinct vegetation painted in the same confident style. There's also a touch of Picasso's cubism, Matisse's fluidity and Keith Haring's neo-expressive style which makes his subjects looks like they are in motion: in Mac's case, mid-morph. His style is surreal yet very tangible. His talent comes from being able to sit on the fence between extremes: fluid and rigid, simple and complex, violent and soothing. The steady theme, however, is the line and what the line can do: It can carve out the grotesque, embrace the beautiful, and move fluidly between the abstract and the real. Stewart's teams of masks, body parts, and dissection pull from his own life.

"We all feel cut up at times, whether it's by isolation or oppression," he says, adding that and ultimately the paintings are about "people's ability to reinvent themselves throughout their lives and how resilient we really are as humans to keep growing and changing."

(Bio Source)


Mac's Projects

Hank Kunath

Hank Kunath, Mixed Media Artist, Jewelry Designer, Concept Designer


Acrylic Paint, Graphite, Mixed Media


In visual arts, Hank Kunath - Born in Oak Park, Illinois, an enlightened suburb of Chicago where Ernest Hemingway and Frank Lloyd Wright gave one a sense of artistic focus. Art became realized, from Rush Street, the Art Institute to the Field Museum. I grew there, absorbed by the cultural environment. Years later in Texas, the monumental horizon and big sky of the west provided a path toward the basic sense of the visual. The west became the course of artistic inspiration with annual travels to that vast visual experience.

Studying art at the University of Tennessee, bachelor of arts with a concentration in drawing, painting, and art history and Murray State University, master of arts in studio arts with a concentration in printmaking and art history, I found direction as an artist. Early in my university studies relationships were developed through dedicated faculty, George Cress, Chairman, bringing me into contact with artists Carl Holty, Karl Knaths, and Lamar Dodd. My understanding of color, composition, and approach to the fragmentation and pattern of shape in nature placed me significantly on the road to a conceptual interpretation of the visual.

My career has embraced many directions. After completing an undergraduate degree, I taught as a traveling art teacher under President Johnson’s War on Poverty legislation. My student’s creativity was unprecedented and their talent followed. The need to create was natural. A brush, pencil, or a box of found objects was just the vehicle. To further develop my artistic and teaching skills, studies began on a graduate degree. On completion of the degree, a position was accepted as an art director of children’s magazines in the publishing industry. The experience of directing 13 designers and 60 publications gave a broad base as an artist, teacher, and mentor. A change in career gave the opportunity to work as a representative for German companies in the graphic arts industry, which included teaching regional seminars and ultimately challenging artists to believe in the new era of electronic color imaging. Later as an assistant professor of art at Kennesaw State University, I developed a critical thinking focused curriculum based on dynamic student, professor interaction enabling art students to address their visual experience. While teaching at Kennesaw State University, I directed the study abroad program to Oaxaca, Mexico, which later developed as a business, providing a multicultural art program both in contemporary and indigenous settings for young and accomplished artists. As a customer, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School contracted my wife and me to take 20 tenth graders to Oaxaca to study art, Mexican history and engage in mission work. Through the Oaxaca trip a relation developed with Mount Vernon Presbyterian School where I was hired to develop the MVPS Visual Arts Program. With consideration, much needs to be done in regard to teaching art. The impact that art has on academic studies is relevant in critical and analytical thinking skill development, as well as opening avenues for artists to study art as a discipline. In pursuing the doctor of educational leadership with a specialization in curriculum and instruction, University of Phoenix, I believe that an impact can be made.

Currently, I am the arts chairperson and art teacher at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, involved in the arts community, and participant in art workshops, giving me the opportunity to work alongside other artists and grow in the arts. My artist wife and I work out of our Roswell, Georgia Lucky Dog Art Studio actively creating that magic that artists do.   


Ashlee Haze

Ashlee Haze, Poet/Spoken Word Artist


Pen, paper, space


Kiera "Ashlee Haze" Nelson is a poet and spoken word artist from Atlanta by way of Chicago. She has been performing on the Atlanta Poetry circuit since the age of 14 and has been writing over 15 years.She is the current slam mistress & a 4-time member of Java Monkey Slam Team, 2011 Southern Fried Poetry Slam Champions. Ashlee Haze is a 2-time Women of the World Poetry Slam Finalist.

Website / Shop / Facebook / Twitter

Daryl Funn - Mistafunn


Daryl Funn (Mistafunn), Poet


Pencil, Pen, Paint, Paper and computers


Daryl A. Funn (mistafunn) Java Monkey Slam Master and Host City Coordinator for the 2016 National Poetry Slam Festival, joined the slam team in 2009. Mistafunn’s focus is delivering a memorable performance with a witty style of word play. His extensive experience with toastmasters, theatre and vocal training allows him to create an environment where his audience is not just educated but cleverly entertained. Mistafunn loves to build new poets of all ages and backgrounds.


Magdalena O'Connor


Magdalena O'Connor, Body Painter, Sculptor


Makeup Bodypaint, 2D Mixed Media, 3D casting


One could argue that the human form is the most incredible masterpiece ever created. Each is exquisite and unique.  

Our bodies are both what link us together, and what separates us from each other. Every thing we experience in life is through our bodies in some way. In order to interpret new experiences, we relate back to our bodies as a touchstone for our understanding the world. The more we are disconnected with our bodies the more we rely on society to tell us how we feel and what we want. 

Magdalena O’Connor is a talented versatile artist with a passion for body art. Trained as a special effects and makeup artist she has been Bodypainting for 10 years and has won multiple awards at prestigious Bodypainting events such as the World Body Painting Festival (Austria) and the New Zealand Body Art Awards (New Zealand) over the years she has trained with many of the masters in the field as well as refining in and developing new techniques within this exciting medium. As well as body art, Magdalena excels as a sculptor and prop maker.


Denise Stewart

Denise Stewart, Historian and Lover of Art


I'm a writer, photographer, and collector.


Over the years I've led workshops and served as a docent at both the Knoxville Museum of Art and the High Museum of Art. I've also taught art and art history to various school groups.

I like to share artists with my students and then explore the processes they used to make art with them. This allows people to not only get to know the artist but also to develop an appreciation for their art making process.

I attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where I received a BA in Art History.

Zully Conde

Ellen Gadberry


Ellen Gadberry, Mixed Media


Reclaimed paper collage, paper mache, construction - and lots of other miscellany!


“Let’s make something!” From my earliest memories, I said that - to my mom and grandma, my playmates and peers, and in the quiet company of my own imagination. I’ve always been an artistic autodidact (and if you are compelled to go and look that term up, you are probably one too!) and making craft, making art, making in its forms has always been at the core of who I am.

Throughout my career in and around the classroom, my happiest and humblest moments have been when I am witness to the contemplation, insight and self-awareness that comes out of art-making, and boy, is it fun when there is great joy and laughter and delight as well – what a privilege to facilitate that!

My current work is happening at the intersection of creativity and spirituality. I am both a leader and a learner in workshops and retreats on crafting as a spiritual practice, and I have just launched my new website at – come visit anytime!


Nate Nardi


Nate Nardi, Glass Artist


Blown and hot sculpted glass.


Atlanta native, Nate Nardi always found himself drawn to creative expression through making. He discovered his passion for glassblowing in 2001 and realized that glass art was the discipline he wanted to specialize.  
Nardi graduated from Jacksonville University in 2004 with a BFA in glass art, receiving an Excellence in Art award from the Dean.  In 2009, he graduated with a MFA from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. He has also completed many workshops at different craft schools around the country, like the Pilchuck School of Glass.

Nardi received commissions to make glass objets d’art for several prominent
artists including Kiki Smith and assisted with numerous large scale public installation works such as, Jon Christie’s and Caroline Madden’s Lyrical Light, held at the Times Union Center in Jacksonville Florida.  
In the years of 2009-2011, Nardi worked as a glassblowing assistant to renowned glass artist, Richard Jolley, in Knoxville, TN.  In 2011, Nardi moved back to his roots to pursue his dream of making unique hand-blown glass art.  He is owner and operator of Decatur Glassblowing located on the east side of Atlanta.  His primary artistic expression is the abstraction of natural form which can be seen in all of his work, whether sculptural, decorative, or functional.

Mary Hollis


Mary Hollis, Painter & Photographer


Oil & Acrylic Paint, Collage, Sculpture (Clay), MIxed Media & Photography


I have a BFA from UGA in Graphic Design, I have also studied and worked as an interior designer, photographer and painter. My work is influenced by what sparks my attention whether it is visual, emotional or physical. I particularly enjoy how pieces fit together to form an entirely new entity. I have been currently working with metal leafing and acrylic paint but enjoy a variety of techniques. My theme and philosophy of my art is finding beauty in a world that can be very harsh. My hope is that my pieces will find their way to a place where when viewed they will bring hope for answered prayers.


Janelle Perrilliat


Janelle Perrilliat, Face painter and Henna artist


Acrylic, Face/Body paint, and Henna.


There hasn’t been a time in my life, that I can remember, where I didn’t find peace and solace in creativity. Whether it was painting, craft-making, or photography, creative outlets have been a consistent theme throughout my life. When I became a mother I was energized by my son’s wild and vivid imagination, it was then I encountered my passion for working with children in the arts.

Joonie & Jake’s is my face and body art business. I have been a face painter for three years and a henna artist for two years. I also host creative workshops for kids throughout Atlanta. Through face painting and volunteering, with several children’s organizations, I pursue my passion and encourage children’s imagination through art.

I am mostly a self-taught artist, however, I was a student in the Talented and Visual Arts gifted program in primary and secondary school. During the week, I work as a Contract Manager at a Real Estate Law Firm in Roswell, GA. I graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana with a BA in Mass Communication/Print Journalism. Originally from New Orleans, LA I have been an Atlanta resident for the past 15 years.

Dayle Bennett

Dayle Bennett, Graphic Design and Crafter


Paper, fabric, wood, paint, and yarn.


I'm Dayle "the Maker", a Creative Designer living in Atlanta. I have been creating wonderful things all my life. I'm passionate about modern design, textiles, paper, color and technology. I also teach design classes and creative workshops. Crafting has been my obsession for over 20 years and I love it.

During the day, I get to flex my designer muscles as the Creative Director for the Center for Civic Innovation. A non profit with great people who care about Atlanta and how we can make it a better place to live. So I guess you can call me a Creative Do-Gooder!

I'm surrounded by inspiration daily. I see beautiful things all the time while commuting to work, taking a walk and traveling. I enjoy combining my love for design with color, texture and technology. The goal of the Number 4 Design Studio is to MAKE pretty things, INSPIRE you with awesome pics and SHARE what I find.

Dayle's Projects